Saturday, 28 November 2015

The legal side of things

Reading the blog post about copyright has made me remember how complicated the whole business is! I recall the basics of copyright from my Library School days and the term 'fair use' is familiar to me. However, a lot has changed in the digital world whilst I was on my career break and it is clear that this is a subject that I really need to brush up on now that I am back working in libraries.

I haven't yet used any pictures in my blog until now so copyright issues regarding images haven't really applied. If I'm completely honest, this is the reason I've avoided including any images - I'm aware my copyright knowledge is not adequate, and rather than get it wrong, I've avoided doing it full stop. But here are the images for this post as requested:

Heimdal Glacier by NASA Licensed by CC BY 2.0

Public domain image from

Regarding the content I have created for the course, I obviously hold copyright for it but the issue is how to enforce it if someone was to reproduce it without my permission.

I'm really struggling to complete this task because I feel that without doing hours of research to make sure I've good a grasp copyright issues I don't have the knowledge to really complete the task effectively. Thank you Rudai23 for bringing something important to my attention that I really need to work on. I can see many future hours of CPD.....

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  1. Yes Rachel, copyright is a very complex issue. You aren't expected to know everything about it, just to be aware that it exists. You can always speak to a lawyer if you need specific advice on something you are doing.