Wednesday, 11 November 2015


For this reflection I am going to re-write my blog post on podcasts. The reason is that when I wrote the original post I was on a bit of a high from doing the recording and ended up writing a bit of a comedy post. Whilst it captured perfectly the mood of the evening spent doing the task, it probably wasn't great from a reflective point of view! So, take two....

For this task I created a podcast of a review for a book I recently read and enjoyed. It was tempting just to listen and comment on some other podcasts rather than create my own but I was determined to get the most out of doing this course by getting some direct experience of the technology involved.

I debated whether to record using my phone but my husband was keen to show me how to use his recording equipment to create a more professional sound. I felt more confident approaching the task knowing I had an expert to assist me.

I only needed a couple of takes and it was a relatively short review so the recording was completed quickly.

To my ear, the original didn't sound too bad but my husband demonstrated how Audacity could be used to enhance it. Whilst I agree that the end result did sound marginally better I felt that my husband rather took over this part of the proceedings and I can honestly say that if I was to repeat the task by myself I'm not sure I would remember how to use the software. This experience has made me realise that whilst it was good to have an expert by my side in order to boost confidence, it would have been better for him to slow down and take a back seat and let me really benefit from experimenting with the software myself.

If I was to repeat the task I think I would try to do the recording on my phone and use the Soundcloud app as suggested in the Rudai23 blogpost. It would be interesting to see the difference in sound quality compared to my initial attempt. Also, the reality is that if I was doing a podcast for something work related, I would be doing it at work without my husband there to assist! Therefore it's essential that I am able to do it completely independently rather than over-rely on his expertise.

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  1. Good point there Rachel. While it is great to have an expert to help you will get most value from completing the task yourself. I always find that makes it stick better.#rudai23