Friday, 20 November 2015

Mobile Things

I have an Android phone and tablet that I use at home and on the move and I'm fairly proficient at using a wide range of apps. I've used both devices for parts of this course. At work I am slowly getting used to the iPad I've been issued with so it seemed an ideal opportunity to use it for this task. I downloaded Gum and it appeared to be simple to use. I didn't have Fault in Our Stars or Game of Thrones to test it on but scanned many of the most popular books in our library but none of them had any reviews attached. I guess it is a very new app and people haven't really starting using it yet.When I tried to stick a review of my own nothing happened. Therefore it was really difficult to properly evaluate the app.

If you want an app to scan books with and leave reviews then I would recommend Good Reads. I've been using this for a number of years and would encourage my students to use it to keep track of their reading. It has a massive user base and gives you access to a wealth of information.You can use it as a wish list for books you want to read, you can look at user reviews to help decide if you want to read a book, you can use it to join book discussions, you can connect with friends and readers with similar tastes and you can use it as a database to keep track of what you have read. It is pretty much a social network for book lovers and can be linked to other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Did you encounter a particular error when trying to upload your Gum review? Would more detailed instructions on how to use it have helped you complete the task? #rudai23