Sunday, 29 November 2015

Making it all work together

After reading the final blog post on making it all work together I have looked back at the various social media platforms I have used as part of this course and reflected on how easy I found them to use, which ones I've embraced and use regularly, and which ones I need to explore further as they would be valuable tools to use at work. I'm a massive Twitter user but unfortunately I did not fall in love with Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and Instagram.

I have created a Hootsuite account and had a little play with it, but if I am using it just for Twitter then I can't see any advantage of using it in preference to Tweetdeck which I already use to manage my home and work Twitter accounts. With Tweetdeck I can schedule tweets, keep an eye on my mentions and follow various hashtags.

Although I can't see a use for some of these social media management tools right now, it is definitely worth knowing about them as in the future I may decide to expand the platforms I use for work.

I've also had a look at Google Alerts. As a trial I've set up an alert for articles about YA books from the UK. Scanning the top results shows many articles I've already read recently and a few articles I haven't seen before. Slightly worryingly, one the results that was fairly high up was a very old article about the launch of the YA book prize (Dec14). I had hoped the content would be a bit more recent than that.

To keep up to date with some of the blogs I follow I use the Bloglovin' app on my tablet. It is incredibly easy to use and I like it very much.

That brings me to the end of Rudai23!

The whole course has been really beneficial to me. It has introduced me to many new social media tools, it has made me reflect and think about CPD on a regular basis, I have learnt new skills, and it has helped me make a positive entry back into the library world after my career break. Many thanks to the team behind the course for providing support and motivation.

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  1. Congratulations on making it to the end of the course Rachel. You should be very proud of your achievement. We look forward to hearing your feedback. Don't forget to apply for your completion certificate. #rudai23