Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Creating Info-Graphics

I've had a go at creating an Info-graphic using as an alternative way of presenting end of year library usage statistics. For the purpose of this exercise I've completely made up my data, and limited what statistics are included, but it is something I am considering doing for real at the end of the academic year.

The benefit of this type of presentation of data is that it is quick and easy to look at and digest. At school, senior management are so short of time that another long wordy text document with lots of tables and analysis is not appealing to read. I think they would pay more attention to an Info-graphic.

I admit to struggling a little with this task. I am not very artistic so I found it tricky to make it look good. I was grateful to have a template to use -it was much easier than starting from scratch. To do it properly and make it look good would be incredibly time consuming (for me): it would be much quicker to actually type something and present it in the traditional way. However, due to what I have said above about the intended audience I think it is worth persisting with. Again, it is one of those things that probably gets easier the more practice you have.

Info-graphics are already used at school. There are several education related ones displayed in the staffroom. I have also seen numerous ones on-line about the value of reading for pleasure and the popularity of particular books that I could certainly use in my library at school.

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