Sunday, 8 November 2015

Augmented Reality

I need to confess! I've been putting off this one as I thought I'd find it really difficult! I did have a vague idea of what augmented reality was before I started as I recalled downloading the app to let my children interact with The Mythical Maze Summer Reading Challenge in our local public library a couple of years ago. My experience wasn't great: I seem to remember that we were unable to unlock some of the games despite having scanned all the characters we found in the library. In all likelihood it was user error!

In my school library I am spending this year working towards a complete overhaul of the library induction and library lessons for year 7s. We currently only have 8 PCs in the library, and a number of extremely slow laptops but from next September the students will be issued with their own devices. This is an ideal opportunity to utilise the experience I've gained on this course and bring the use of IT firmly into the library. I've also been invited to become a member of the Digital Leaders Group at school which will be great as I'll pick up more knowledge from other group members plus it will be a platform for me to share what I'm doing in the library and raise our profile within the school: advocacy!

So, as soon as I started looking at this task I considered how I could use it in library lessons.
For this task I selected Aurasma as it is free to use. Despite reading though the user guide I struggled to get started so I turned to trusty YouTube for a tutorial. Within three minutes I knew exactly what I was doing.

I've devised a retrieval game where students need to find books in the library by using the catalogue. Once the book is found they need to scan the book cover which would then show a video confirming they had found the correct book and showing them a card featuring a letter of the alphabet. Once they had found a set number of books in different parts of the library they would have all the letters to complete an anagram.

Using Aurasma, I just did the exercise with one book jacket and a video which I filmed on my phone. I still need to play around with making it public before I'm ready to implement it in the library but I've got another YouTube video to help me along the way.

This task was not as difficult as I thought it would be!

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